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Wood Floor Cleaning and Disinfecting

Wood floors are a beautiful addition to any home or business. But, they can be a bit tricky to keep clean. Over-the-counter cleaning solutions can be harsh on wood surfaces, damaging their finish and requiring a sooner-than-expected refinish.

Dirt, grime and oils build up over time, but a regular Wood Floor Cleaning Services keeps your floors looking great. Oxi Fresh can clean your solid or engineered wood and even linoleum floors!


Vacuuming wood floors regularly is one of the best things you can do to extend their life and protect the finish. Wood floors are prone to extreme wear and tear, especially in commercial settings, but a regular vacuuming schedule can reduce the effects of traffic, dust, spills and other everyday hazards.

Sweeping or vacuuming on a weekly basis will rid your wood floors of light dirt and dust accumulation. You can also use a mop equipped with microfiber pads to get into all the nooks and crannies of your wood floors without scratching them. Mop with distilled water to avoid hard water mineral buildup, and never leave standing water on the surface of your wood floors.

If your floors look dull or dingy after sweeping and/or vacuuming, it’s time for a deeper clean with a pH-neutral, wax-free wood floor cleaner. The type of cleaner used depends on the finish of your wood floors; some require a milder formula while others can be cleaned with a basic household vinegar solution.

Be sure to read and follow the mop manufacturer’s recommendations for proper usage. Be careful not to saturate the mop pad or apply too much cleaner as this can cause the finish to lift and damage your floors. Be sure to wring out the mop before using it, so that it’s only slightly damp.


While regular dust mopping may be able to remove some of the dirt and grime from your wood floors, a professional cleaning company can use industry-leading equipment to get deeper into the wood grain and extract allergens, bacteria, and dirt that’s hiding inside. The results are a cleaner, healthier floor with less dust.

Whether your floors are surface-finished or have a penetrating finish, our scrubbing and cleaning services can restore them to their original glory. Our process starts by sweeping to remove the grit that can scratch and dull surfaces. We then apply a pH-neutral hardwood floor cleaner to agitate and dissolve dirt, grease, and other contaminants. We rinse the surface of the floor, wring out the excess, and damp mop 3-foot sections at a time. We dry the floor thoroughly before walking on it.

If your floors have a wax finish, we’ll use a soft cloth saturated with mineral spirits to strip away the old layer of wax. If a spot remains, we’ll rub it with No. 000 steel wool and floor wax, then lightly sand to smooth it. We’ll repeat the scrubbing and stripping process until the spots are gone. We can then reapply a fresh coat of wax, or refinish your floors completely. The result is a clean, beautiful floor that’s protected for the long-term.


Wood floors are beautiful but can be susceptible to severe wear and tear. This is especially true in commercial settings where heavy traffic can take a toll on floor surfaces, leaving them dull and damaged. The solution is to seal them. This can significantly increase the durability of your hardwood floors, saving you money on repairs and reducing the need for regular cleanings.

There are several different types of wood floor sealers available on the market, including water-based and oil-modified. You can also choose to use natural penetrating oils. Regardless of the type of floor sealer you select, it’s important to properly prepare the floor before application. Start by sanding the floor to remove any traces of previous products. It’s also important to test the product on a small section of the floor before applying it to the entire surface.

If you decide to use an oil-based sealer, be sure to sand the floor again before applying the second coat. This can help prevent tannin pull and reduce the risk of side bonding and panelizaton. After each application of the oil-based sealer, it’s important to sand again and allow the floor to dry for 24 to 48 hours.

You can do your part to keep your wooden floors looking their best by sweeping regularly and placing doormats at entranceways. It’s also important to clean up spills immediately, as they can leave behind moisture that can cause damage over time.


Hardwood floors add beauty and a warm, natural feel to any home decor style but they do need some special care. They should be swept, vacuumed or dust mopped daily and spills cleaned up immediately to avoid water damage. The use of floor protectors under furniture can help cut down on scratches from everyday wear & tear. Regularly cleaning your wood floors will ensure they last a long time & stay beautiful.

Depending on your floor type you may need to re-polish or re-wax your hardwood floors to keep them looking lustrous and protected. Before applying any polishing product be sure it is made for your floor type, deep clean the floors & dry them thoroughly before applying. Also, make sure the product doesn’t contain linseed oil or wax as these can cause permanent damage to the floors.

You can also find floor polishing products that are safe for all types of flooring including laminate. These are great for most residential areas but be sure to always deep clean the floors & dry them thoroghly before applying. There are different floor polishing finishes you can choose from such as a water or polyurethane. If you decide to go with a polyurethane you can choose from a gloss sheen or an amber/yellowish sheen.

There are dozens of retail products that claim to clean wood floors but most do not provide the long-term results you need & can even cause unseen damage that promotes grime build-up over time. Periodic professional Wood Floor Cleaning is the best way to keep your hardwood floors beautiful.